Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Dr Moss will see you now......

...or, in other words, how weird are your dreams? Because mine are definitely on the surreal side of bizarre! Take last night's - I went to our local health centre to meet my new GP, following my previous GP's retirement, and was ushered to a desk at the end of a long room. On the desk was a vase of roses and sitting at the desk, looking very business-like and professional, was Dr Kate Moss. Yes, the model. My face must have registered my surprise at seeing her masquerading as a doctor because she said to me "I know, you think I must be some kind of silly bimbo because I am a model but I have been a qualified doctor for 14 years." I must have accepted this because I then started telling her why I needed to see a doctor!

I've had pretty vivid and unusual dreams over the past few months but this is the first where I've remembered enough to make it worth sharing. So, any dream analysts out there? Can you tell me what it means?

In other news, the routine of home-hospital-home continues. I have now completed Day 11 of 30, so am just over a third of the way through my radiotherapy. I've now got some of the side-effects I was promised (oh, lucky me!) with a sore throat which  makes swallowing feel as if there's half a tennis ball lodged on the left-hand side of my throat, edged with some razor blades, and some mouth ulcers too. All of this makes eating a bit difficult but at least I haven't lost my appetite :-D I just have to eat more slowly and try to swallow on the right side of my throat - which is pretty impossible, really!

I had a lovely morning today - spent it walking along the seafront in Brighton, letting the sea air blow away some cobwebs and just watching the power of the sea. I think I've said before that I find nature very calming and the sea especially so: it just ebbs and flows, every day and every night. It's never still and the water I watched today is joined to the water I saw ebbing and flowing in New Zealand earlier this year. The sheer scale of it is overwhelming, really, and makes me realise once more how small a part I, or any other human being, plays in the bigger picture that is our world. It was a refreshing change to watch the sea going about its business after the madness that's been on our tv screens and in our newspapers over the past few days. I have found myself shaking my head in disbelief and sadness at the behaviour and attitudes - both of the rioters/looters and of those discussing what's happened. There seem to be a lot of people who are using what's happened as a reason to air some pretty abhorrent views.

On a lighter note - I have been enjoying being chauffeured to hospital in some rather lovely cars this week. On Monday, it was a very flashy Range Rover. Yesterday, a Land Rover Discovery. Today, a VW Eos convertible and yes, we did go topless :-) I wonder what car tomorrow will bring? I know that on Friday it is a BMW, so let's hope tomorrow's chauffeur keeps up the standards.....

I shall report back tomorrow on the outcome. In the meantime, over and out!


  1. Did you wear one of those filmstar headscarves when you were topless? And big sunglasses, of course.


  2. Big sunglasses, but I thought that with my luck, wearing one of those filmstar headscarves might result in an Isadora Duncan scenario.....