Thursday, 5 January 2012

And a shimmy and a kick and a wiggle and a shake...

..can you guess I've been to Zumba? As part of my cross-training/get marathon fit/stay healthy regime, I have been doing a few classes at the gym this week. Yesterday I did a Legs, Bums and Tums class with Amy, preceded by 10 minutes on the treadmill (longest continuous spell of running for me in about a year, I think!) and then today I did an aerobics class, came home, sat down and almost immediately left the house again to go to Zumba with Amy. I love Zumba - the music is really uplifting and I always leave the class feeling buoyant and positive. Amy and I had a good giggle watching each other try to shimmy - when I move my shoulders, my bottom wobbles! What's that all about, then?

Seriously, I do need to make sure that I get enough exercise to stop me being at risk of sinking back into depression mode, but not so much that I overdo it for my stage of convalescence. The trouble is that exercise makes me feel so good that sometimes I just want to do more of it, but I am trying to be sensible. I am going to the gym tomorrow morning and that will be all the exercise I will do tomorrow. I haven't planned the weekend's exercise yet, but that may involve a small run outdoors.

I've been thinking for a wee while whether I should link my blog to my Facebook account. Up till now,my blog has been pretty much invitation only or word-of-mouth amongst friends - this stems from my almost paranoid fear that Amy might find out what was going on from a well-meaning comment on Facebook before we had had a chance to tell her what was going on. That's no longer an issue). I know that it's only visible to people on my friends list, but let's be honest, most of us have people on our friends list who aren't really friends, just people we "know". My worry was that by making it known to a wider audience, my family (who are mentioned a lot in  my blog) might be uncomfortable with other people knowing so much about our family life and challenges, that there might be hurtful or inappropriate comments left on the blog, or that it would feel, for me, as if I had put too much of myself and my feelings out there for (not quite the whole!) world to read. I thought long and hard about it and talked it through with Neil, Amy and Adam and decided that yes, I would link it to Facebook - so that was one of today's tasks! I'm glad I did it and feel almost a sense of relief that I'm not "hiding" it any more.

I have had several good days this week - my cold is finally showing signs of going, I'm enjoying my exercise and my energy levels are good, as is my appetite. I've done some driving, which gets more relaxed the more I do it, after my almost beginner-like nervousness when I first started driving again late last year. It's good to have my own car back after losing it to Amy for several months!

As always, thanks to Neil, Amy and Adam for being who they are. And to my friends, for being who they are too.

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