Sunday, 11 March 2012

Well, so much for posting every day!

Massive fail in my challenge to post on my blog every day for a week - after the weird format post of Friday, I'm not doing very well, am I?

I actually didn't have time to post yesterday - by the time we had driven round to our friend's house, borrowed his flat-bed truck, come home and loaded up stuff to take to the bulky waste collection point (our local Council provides this service every few months, so we had a stockpile of old carpet,furniture and things falling under the category of "stuff" which we wanted to get rid of), it was already 1 pm. We were also using the truck to go to IKEA in Croydon to buy bedroom furniture for Amy's bedroom, which we have now decorated and recarpeted. It's not the most pleasant of experiences, driving up to Croydon, at the best of times, let alone on a Saturday when everyone seems to have been bitten by the DIY bug and is heading to the Purley Way! It was made worse by the fact that the wardrobes came in two different heights and I didn't know which one would fit in the bedroom - mea maxima culpa;I should have taken the measurementscwith me. Neil was very patient (he really is a saint!)and we bought some chests of drawers, took them home, had a cup of tea and then went back! We didn't get home till half six and had just enough time to get showered, changed and then pick up our friends to go to another friend's 50th birthday party.

The party was good -in a golf club, so quite posh. None of my nice dresses fit me any more, so I was a bit limited in what I could wear -I don't have any smart trousers that fit me either, so it really was a case of what was the least baggy thing! We knew quite a few people there, as birthday boy is in Neil's mountain bike club, so there were probably about 12 couples that we knew and I had a good catch- up with a few of them. I didn't dance because I just didn't feel like it (and was starting to flag quite a bit) and in any case, I didn't recognise some of the music (middle-aged gimmer....). The party ended at midnight and by the time we said our goodbyes, we didn't actually leave until about twenty five past twelve. I had offered to drive, as I don't drink at the moment anyway, so I fulfilled my chauffeuring duties (no peaked cap or uniform, I'm afraid...).

No prizes for guessing that I have been feeling very tired all day today - yesterday was probably the longest in terms of sustained activity that I have had in about a year. Maybe I am not quite ready for full days at work plus commuting quite yet.....but I'm getting there.

I'll try to post tomorrow but on recent form, don't hold your breath!

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  1. You went to Ikea on a Saturday ((((((((Ali))))) :) Now I do feel sorry for you.

    As for you being middle-aged, complete the song....

    He lives on my block
    And he drives an Iroc
    But he doesn't know who I am
    And he doesn't give a damn about me


    ------------------- no she doesn't know what she's missing

    ------------------- no she doesn't know what she's missing

    See you aren't old though I did have to add a 'g' to the missing.

    As for the blog updating, guilty as charged here too. I'll start again tomorrow.