Friday, 29 July 2011

Day 3 begins and first side-effect....

Oh, it's not so bad, really - just yesterday and this morning I have felt quite nauseous for the first couple of hours after getting up. I read the "Idiot's Guide to Radiotherapy" this morning and this is not unusual and hopefully will pass after a few days.

Choosing the music to listen to is not as easy as  you might think! For a start, since I transferred all my music onto my iPod, all the CDs are squirrelled away in the loft or in the basement and I don't know if I can be bothered unsquirrelling them. That leaves me with the choice of recent CDs which haven't yet been uploaded onto iTunes (long story, involving a laptop that died and took my iTunes library with it...) and the ones which are languishing in my car (yes, Amy, it is still my car!!). This could limit my choices somewhat but I am pretty certain I will find something I like each day. Today I was going to go for some thrash guitar a la Green Day or Blink 182 but decided on something more gentle - so Arvo Part it is. It may make me tearful, as it's a terribly moving piece of music, but it feels right.

The sun is shining, I have washing out on the line and another load just about to finish in the washing machine - hanging up washing is good physio for my shoulder, ha ha! To be honest, doing simple things like that, which I used to take for granted and - quite frankly - often used to grumble about, gives me quite a lot of pleasure nowadays, just because they are normal things to do.

Time to go and do some stuff in town before going off to my second home :-)


  1. Can you try ginger for the nausea? (I hate the stuff) Just nibbling crystallised ginger does help.

  2. Madge, I have stocked up on crystallised ginger and peppermint tea - it's ironic, I sailed through both pregnancies with no sign of sickness and now I am getting it!!

    Thanks for your advice x

  3. Personally Ali I think you're brave tackling the iPod library - the thought fills me with dread ;-)

    Keep on enjoying the sunshine ;-)
    Denise x