Wednesday, 9 November 2011

...and yet another post!

.Is the world spinning on a different axis? Three posts in as many days - I should probably find something else to occupy my day....although today I have, in fact, been to my GP, collected my prescriptions, made a lamb hotpot (not hitpot as originally typed!) in the slow cooker, visited a friend to admire and play with her gorgeous new puppy, gone to a really interesting meeting about living as a white British non-Muslim woman in various Muslim countries, cleaned the kitchen and had a visit from a friend for a cup of tea - so pretty busy day, overall, by my recent standards!

I wanted to post to say that, when I saw my GP this morning and told him that I had been told I am in remission, he was absolutely delighted and when I said that I couldn't quite believe it until they had done some medical test to prove it, he said that the Marsden is the best cancer hospital in the world and they wouldn't tell me I am in remission if their experience of not just my case but of thousands of other cases didn't tell them so. That made me feel a bit better, although Neil and I have decided we will still ask for a referral for a PET CT scan, as originally suggested by my first consultant as the best way to check it's all been picked up. My GP (lovely man!) asked if he could have a look at my scar (ooh err missus) and then asked if he could photograph it for a textbook he's writing for students so that they could, for example, identify someone who ended up in A&E and was unable to state that they had had a parotidectomy. Well, if only I had known, I'd have straightened my hair :-) I had to sign a disclaimer form and he asked me about six times if I was sure, said I could change my mind etc. I was only too happy to do it, as anything that helps spread knowledge and understanding about what is pretty rare has got to be good, don't you think?

Maybe I should practise my autograph because I may be destined to become a media superstar.......yeah, right!

Overall, quite a good day so far, although I feel quite weary. I feel a bit more confident about the remission thing but still need to process it further - I see the psychologist next week and will talk to her about that and about how I am dealing with my face (or not).

Tomorrow is our friend Carl's funeral and I am thinking of his wife and daughters, parents and siblings and how difficult this time is for them - and how difficult it will continue to be. I always think that the period between a loved one dying and their funeral is like limbo for their family and friends - you can't quite believe the person has gone until you actually have the service and realise that the person really isn't going to walk through the front door again. I am praying for strength for them all for tomorrow and afterwards. I know they will give Carl a fantastic send-off, one which he would have wanted had he organised it himself.

Will I post tomorrow? You know what? Maybe I just will! I feel on a bit of a roll at the moment....

Take care, everyone and thank you, as always, for your comments on my wee blog :-D


  1. Ali so pleased to hear your news. I was saying on the Slog thread how it would be said not to see you and stand by you with tears in your eyes as they played The Last Post. If its ok with you I shall cry as your rep.

    Well done on sharing your scar for a book, as you said if it helps someone else then some good will come.

    I hope tomorrow goes well for Carl's family.

    I have a good recipe for cheese pennies if you fancy a savoury fattener.

    Blitz equal parts of cheddar, butter and plain flour into a dough, roll into sausages the diameter of a £1 coin, wrap in cling film, chill. Slice into about £1 thickness, place on greaseproof paper, bake for 10 or more minutes until golden and delicious. I sometimes add parmesan as part of the cheddar mix and black pepper or paprika.

    Cheesy piggishness on a plate:-D

    big beebalicious hugs


  2. just caught up with your news .. thankyou Yeo for letting me know :D Ali your news is just amazing, I can completely understand that you need it confirming and are finding it hard to accept, especially with all the ups and downs you have faced so far

    I hope tomorrow goes well for both you and Carl's family

    We have a lunch date to organise dont' forget, I am counting on it

    Loonicles xx

  3. I am so pleased for your news, I shed a few tears.....