Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Blimey, an update two days running!

This blog is like a bus - nothing for ages and then two posts come along at once! This one is especially for Mummy Pink :-D

Today's update is that the Marsden called to say that, having discussed me with the top consultant for Head and Neck Cancer, there is no point in doing a scan as anything I did have would be too microscopic to be picked up and anyway, they are certain I am in remission and that the surgery got rid of everything with the radiotherapy as the insurance policy to pick up any stray cells (hell of an insurance policy!!). Again, I feel as if I should feel some positive emotion but can't seem to find that reaction. I am still thinking that it will be worth talking to the consultant about being referred for a PET CT scan, which would pick up anything microscopic and would give us peace of mind. I will need to think about why I feel like this - just as well I am seeing the psychologist next week so I can talk through this with her!

In other news, my Yorkshire Parkin turned out lovely and I am looking forward to trying Nigella's chocolate fudge cake recipe, even though I am not fond of chocolate cake myself! Thank you for the book recommendation too - I need to go hunting on Amazon- wonder if there's a Kindle edition :-)

Thank you for your support and comments - as always, they help us deal with what's going on as we try to process this latest news and what it means for our reactions and plans. And special thanks for my lovely husband and children for their unfailing support and love.


  1. Ohhhhh, HURRAH.

    You may not feel like celebrating, and I can understand your mixed feelings, so I will raise a glass to your good news for you.

    Am really pleased for you, and if it will put your mind at rest, have a word with your consultant. I am sure that your feelings are not unusual.


  2. I can understand your reluctance to believe that the news is positive and the 'bogey man' isn't going to jump out and ruin it. You've not had a run of luck so far so who can blame you.

    I will let Mummy Pink know that you've posted just for her :-) Just proves the amount of people out there who are rooting for you though their connection to you is slender. Must be a cast of thousands!

    I'll help taste test the Chocolate Fudge Cake but bleugh to the Parkin.

    Hugs to all Sweetings

    T. Pink xx

  3. Perhaps it's a bit like you've been fighting for so long that suddenly someone has taken away the opposition and you weren't quite ready to do without your daily spat? I don't know but I kind of do. It's good news though xxxxx

  4. I can understand why you want the piece of mind with the scan Ali. Do the last 6 months almost still seem surreal in some ways? You've had a real rollercoaster and it's all happened so fast. I'm sure your head is still catching up. If I knew there was some way to visibly see for my own eyes I may actually be off the ride, I'd want a scan too.

    I'm smiling here for you but you need to take over as there's only so long I can hold this smile without getting a jaw ache. xx