Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Infection, schminfection....

So, trip to the doctor yesterday afternoon where he confirmed that the treatment given by my personal physician (thank you, Abby!) was perfect and gave me a script for more painkillers and then got the nurse to clean and dress the wound. Back today for a swab to be taken and to get the once-over from the doctor and another dressing put on. I do wish things would just go easily for once - this whole process seems to have been dogged by bad luck, starting from being in the 10% of people for whom lumps in the salivary gland turn out to be malignant and being well outside the normal demographic for people who would get this form of cancer anyway! Still, instead of saying "Why me?" I could just as easily say "Why not me?".

Appointment came through this morning for my assessment for psychological counselling. I assume that they will decide after the assessment whether I need a series of appointments or whether I have sufficient coping mechanisms to deal with it all. I vacillate between thinking yes, I'm fine to no, I need heeeeelp! I am not someone who thinks that you should just "pull yourself together" - the brain is another part of your body and if your leg is broken, you get it fixed so if my mind needs a bit of help to adjust to everything that's happened over the last couple of months, then that help shall be given.

Yesterday's and today's challenges have been the same - walking through town to the Health Centre on my own. And yes, some people did stare at me (sodding great dressing on my neck for a start!) but as I refuse to become a hermit and stay indoors all the time, I am just going to brazen it out. If anyone wants to know what happened to me, I will tell them, but for the moment I think it's a case of getting used to people giving me some curious looks. Maybe I should start cultivating a little wiggle so that when they look back once I have gone past them, they can see my gorgeous arse......what do you think? Although given my recent lack of exercise, it's more of a wobble than a wiggle!