Thursday, 23 June 2011

Mrs Bounce-backability is making a reappearance

Good morning and thank you for all the lovely messages left on the blog and the texts and emails following yesterday's very cathartic outpouring! The sun is shining this morning and I have been to the gym to do my physio and a wee bit of exercise so already the day is an improvement on yesterday.

I know it's to be expected that I will have bad days. I think I need to remember to give myself permission to feel sad or angry when I have those days. I think I just have a fear that I will use what's happening to me as an excuse to justify "bad" behaviour: mood swings, impatience, snapping at people. I don't want to become some temperamental prima donna who thinks everything should revolve around her (well, obviously I have always thought that should be the way the world works but I have to pretend to have some humility, don't I? :-)).

So, today has started well and I expect it to continue. Meeting a doctor friend for coffee this afternoon (coincidentally, she's the one who referred me to the consultant initially) and then another friend for a glass of wine this evening. And I need to contact a couple of people who were on the receiving end of my tears yesterday and apologise for being a right old misery-chops!!

Onwards and upwards, my friends. And thank you once again for your fantastic support. x


  1. Morning, ST :o)

    So sorry to hear that yesterday was tough. Just thought I'd add another music recommendation; we've kind of been talking about tracks that are a bit maudlin, or evoke reflection, so I thought I'd completely mix it up with an all out cheese-fest ;o)

    I have two lift-the-mood songs for you - Sydney Carter's One More Step Along the Road I Go and Do you Hear the People Sing? from Les Mis (I did warn you they were cheesy - but sing along and they don't half lighten your heart, honest!)

    Hope the sun keeps shining on you today,
    S x

  2. Glad to read the sun is shining again.

    We're your friends. We'll let you know if you are behaving badly ;) xx

  3. Hi ST I am happy to read that you are having a good day today. I am sure there is no right/wrong to deal with what you are dealing with; no "bad" behaviour - do what you need to do for you, whatever that is. Glad you find the blog cathartic, keep it up we will be reading :o)
    Big hugs
    B xx

  4. Whayhay that's good to read :-)
    Loving your humility ;-)