Monday, 6 June 2011


Got to do a bit of a catch-up today, having not updated since Friday.

Friday was a quiet day, which I needed after doing so much on Thursday. Seems weird to think that I get tired out talking for a little while when it's not so long ago that I was doing bootcamp, gym,  zumba, running, going to work and running a home, but it's a case of early days and baby steps. I had a walk around the field opposite our house on Friday evening with Neil, which constituted the sum total of my exercise for the day.

Saturday, a friend came round to visit in the morning and then another friend and her daughter popped in. None of them stayed for very long, only half an hour or so, but I had to have a wee rest afterwards. Then Neil and I walked into Oxted to take my library books back - I thought it would be a good challenge to walk into town and back when it's at its busiest and normally we bump into lots of friends, so that would have been a good way to get people used to my new look. However, unusually, we didn't see a single person we knew until we sat down outside the coffee shop and even then it was someone who had already visited - although he did have his son-in-law with him, who hadn't seen me for about a year. We were invited into our neighbour's house on Saturday evening (the one whose daughter I'd visited on Thursday) for drinks and that turned into dinner, by the end of which I was practically falling asleep into my plate! So much for the former party animal, eh? Our neighbour's daughter had a look at my wound and confirmed what we thought, that it was infected, so yesterday she wrote me a private prescription for anti-biotics and came to the pharmacist with me to get it filled and then cleaned my wound and dressed  it. I felt very special, having my own personal physician :-)

Sunday was another quiet day, although still managed to have two lots of visitors in addition to my own private medic :-) Neil could tell I was tired last night, as my left eye starts to droop when I'm weary. I paint such an attractive picture, don't I? We had a disturbed night last night as one of the cats decided to release a mouse on the landing and it ran into our bedroom and is lurking somewhere....I'm doing nothing, as I reckon that with three cats in the house, really they should be dealing with this matter!

And so to Monday, today. My first day on my own, as both Neil and Adam are back at work. I stayed in bed a bit longer as I was very tired, but am up, showered, dressed, breakfasted and have done one lot of shoulder physio and facial massage. I have to pop next door to have my wound checked to see if the anti-biotics are kicking in but apart from that, I am going to veg out.

Physio is quite tiring and sore too, but has to be done. I am getting more confident about things like drying my hair with a hairdryer, even though my face, neck and ear are very swollen and bruised still. I even used hair straighteners the other day, which was an exercise in delicate manoeuvring! Every day I try to do a bit more of the things that make me feel I am returning to some kind of normality. Today's normality includes watching old episodes of The Vicar of Dibley - guaranteed to raise a smile!

Thank you for comments posted and for following or just reading my ramblings. It's good for me to write things down, the highs, the lows, the successes and the failures.


  1. Glad you are taking it easy today Ali. One day at a time :) x

  2. You can't go wrong with The Vicar of Dibley :-D

  3. As soon as I read Vicar of Dibley on fb I couldn't get the picture of Dawn French jumping in THAT puddle, haven't stopped giggling since.

    Fancy having your own private physician - I hope the antibiotics do the job and it's all healed up soon.

    I'm not surprised you're taking it easy today - sounds like you had a busy weekend- tired me out reading it! Good to hear you're getting out too though.

    Take care, Denise

  4. Look at you with your own personal physician :) I love the vicar of dibley, so so funny. the brides dress was the best one. just utter silliness :)

    Look after yourself, keep the updates coming
    Loon xx

  5. just trying to work out how to use this :)

  6. Small steps and then you'll look back and be surprised what progress you've made x

  7. Of course it's small steps - you've got little legs!