Friday, 24 June 2011

A life in the day of ST (a feature for the Sunday Times magazine)

Wake up.

Yawn. Maybe a light nose-blowing

Facial exercises

1st round of shoulder physio (hurty ouch factor 4)

Shower, dry, dress


Catch up on emails

Read/write blog

Possibly put some washing on

Possibly hang some washing out

Maybe an attempt at painting. I like to think of it as "experimental water-colour".

Read a book

Get frustrated at laptop and Kindle as my techno-incompetence surfaces

A little light housework

A little light lunch

2nd lot of shoulder physio (hurty ouch factor 6)

Read a book

Take washing in due to rain

Toddle to local shop for milk or other necessity

Meet friend for tea/coffee

Purchase non-essential, guilty secret, item of foodstuff

Return home

Hang washing out again

Bring washing in

Admire experimental water-colour

Prepare dinner

Lay table

Insist on Mr ST and AS admiring my experimental water-colour

Cook dinner/supervise cooking of dinner

Eat dinner

Wipe remains of dinner from around uncooperative mouth

Sit down and watch some housewife tv while Mr ST and Adorable Son clear away, tidy kitchen and make cup of tea

Plug in electrodes and zap forehead for an hour

2nd lot of facial massage

3rd lot of shoulder physio (hurty ouch factor 8)

Get ready for bed

Clean teeth

Take painkiller if needed

Zap nostrils with easy-breathing spray to prevent waking up with stuffed nose



Try to remain asleep till morning




On some days, I have the added excitement of fitting in some/all of the following:

Consultant appointment

Physio appointment

Speech therapy appointment

On a really good day, I get to go to a wine bar or pub for a glass of wine :-)

How am I ever going to fit in work???? I think my days are fully occupied as they are :-D


  1. You can add visit from slightly deranged friend who never stops talking to that list in a couple of weeks .... if you're at home :-)

    You forgot to add watching the tennis and having decidedly unladylike thoughts about Rafa Nadal ... or is that just me?


  2. Will you show us photos of your paintings? We can admire them virtually.

  3. Work can be over rated!